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Leading Your School to Greatness by Improving Your Daily Practice

Tim Berkey

How does the principal of a good school lead it to greatness?  How does a principal manage all of the moving pieces to get to what’s really important? Based upon his book, Improving Your Daily Practice, Dr. Timothy Berkey will engage attendees in designing a personalized action plan to elevate their impact and effectiveness. This hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves workshop will teach specific strategies that shift the focus of daily work habits away from less productive tasks to hands-on activities that scale up teaching and learning.   Plan to walk away from this experience with the specific knowledge and tools to chart your school’s path to greatness by changing your daily practices. 

The Principal Influence: Developing Leadership Capacity

Ann Cunningham Morris

The research is clear…principals make a difference in teacher and student success. Leadership matters!

So, what leadership practices should be in place to ensure that principals and aspiring

principals reach their full leadership potentials so that students benefit? How can we ensure that principal leadership becomes a catalyst for overall school improvement? How can we approach building principal and aspiring principal leadership capacity using strengths-based strategies and practices? In this pre-conference session, participants will explore the answers to these questions by examining the four key roles and 17 criteria of effective instructional leaders. Participants will leave this session armed with an increased repertoire of leadership tools, strategies and action plans to use in their schools and districts.

Principals: Leading Literacy and Learning

Douglas Fisher

Principals have an extremely important role when it comes to literacy leadership. What does an administrator need to know to lead these efforts? What do specific literacy leadership skills look and sound like? How does one get teacher and stakeholder “buy in” to lead improved literacy efforts? What skills and competencies are needed to bring about change? Join this highly informative conference session and leave with a toolkit packed with practical ideas to improve your principal practice in leading your school to greater heights in literacy and learning.

Middle Level Administration: The Challenge, The Quest, The Conquer 

Mark McLeod

The middle level principal’s role is a complex mix of leadership and management geared toward motivating school staff to provide the best opportunities for student growth and achievement. The myriad of responsibilities often present unique situations. How do administrators tackle the diverse challenges? What skills and strategies have proven successful for leaders at the middle level?  How can a middle school principal conquer the quest to lead student and adult learning, maintain a safe and secure environment, balance budgets, and deal with stakeholder issues? Bring an open mind, delve deep into the conversation, and walk away from this training with relevant and practical knowledge to conquer middle level administration challenges.